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This is the official Dead Vanyel Party discussion post!

Whether it's your first read or your millionth, there's always something worth talking about--and rambling at length about at that. Confide in your fellow Lackey fans--who's your fave? What books do you eat up with a spoon? Does Vanyel end up as a gay Companion after the Mage Storms books? Or is he reborn as the very subtle baby herald "Vanel"? If so, does that make Stef his life-bonded companion "Tylenol", or what? And is Ma'ar REALLY dead? (No!)

Life's little questions, and we all want to talk about them.

Anon and unanon are currently allowed on this post. As of August 9, only anon posting will be allowed, in order to foster an anonny sense of anonymousness, in the vein of everyone's favorite meme ;P. The exception to the anon-only rule is the Introduction Thread, where you can introduce yourself and meet fellow players.

If you're looking for "Research Materials", join the comm and visit this post. (Subtle, right?)

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I want that sex magic fic right now god damn you :(

(Cue angsty conversations with Yfandes about how it's hard enough being shaych, how will he find someone who also wants to blindfold and gag him, yet won't think less of him?)

Kat's kinkverse goes with that, here. Though I can't imagine it would be that hard for Van to find someone who wanted to see him tied up...

I actually think Van might have got over Stef's age in terms of sex, because there is a lot of canon evidence of relationships with huge age gaps being fairly common - there's Starwind/Moondance, Jervis/Melenna, and it's implicit that Van's parents have a wide age gap too. (Van is the second child out of ten, so unless Withen is MUCH younger than Savil, he's likely much older than Treesa). So I think the difference in power level and life experiences would have troubled him for longer than Stef's age per se. But he's a very protective person, and he'd always rather burden himself than put someone else at risk of harm - so of course he's overprotective of Stef. ;_;


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