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Welcome to 21 Days of Disney!

Happy New Year! For the next three weeks it's all Disney, all the time! And by Disney, I mean all the animated films done by Disney studios, including Brave. If you aren't sure if it's Disney enough, prompt anyway. We run on good faith, Youtube videos, and a distinct lack of research at this kink meme. On an unrelated note, we're revising the rules! Be sure to check them out! Biggest change, you can start filling prompts the second the party post opens.

Bonus info: there is an existing Disney Kink Meme, and it is excellent. We're doing this as a speed kink meme but Disney Kink will still be there in February. ;)

Admin Post


Day 1 - January 3 - Prompts! You will have seven days to put as many prompts as you'd like on this post. You can start filling immediately. Our AO3 collection will be open for optional, anonymous cross-posting.
Day 8 - January 10 - Prompting ends! You can continue filling prompts with art or fic.
Day 21 - January 23 - Last day of the party! All fills must be posted by 11:59 PM North American Central Time.
Day 22 - January 24 - Reveal thyself! Or not. Repost to our now-unanon AO3 Community, post logged in here and slap your name on your porn, say hi to all your fellow partiers.

Cutoffs will be done by logged in comments from the mods after midnight, central time on the days noted here.

Rules (Revised!)

For the purposes of this fest, the prompts themselves are considered warnings. If you have issues with this policy, we recommend either not participating or using Dreamwidth blocker. 
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Posting unanon before January 24 will be deleted. This doesn't mean you aren't welcome here! If you'd like the content of your comment back, contact us at the admin post.

Prompt Rules

  1. Subject lines should include the movie, characters and/or pairing you want. If you don't, we aren't going to do anything about it. The subject line thing is purely for the convenience of other people.
  2. Warnings aren't required. You can use them if you want.
  3. You don't have to write or draw in order to prompt. It's anon, and we don't care.
  4. Do not comment on other people's prompts to try and change pairings or characters. Post your own version with the characters you want instead.
  5. There are no subject bans. You can prompt anything you want.
Fill Rules
  1. No claiming prompts. Multiple fills are welcome.
  2. Minimum wordcount per fanfic fill is 100 words.
  3. All content is allowed and all warnings are optional, so long as it fills the prompt.
  4. If the artist requests it, the mods will repost art fills as embedded pictures in a reply to their comment. NSFW art will be labelled as such in the subject line by re-posting mods. Art involving underaged characters in porn situations will not be re-posted as an embed.
General Rules

This is a Choose Not to Warn fest. At no point will any comment be deleted for failure to warn of its content in the subject lines.
Attempts at policing other people's fun will be deleted.

Prompts posted after the end of the 7th day will be screened. They'll be unscreened after the 21st day.
Concerns are to be directed to the Admin post. If posted here, they will be deleted. Fills that have spectacularly failed to meet the prompt/been posted to the wrong spot will be screened. You can request a copy of your work at the Admin post.

The rules may change without warning in response to unforeseen circumstances, like us thinking of better ones.


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