Oct. 18th, 2017 11:07 am
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I realize I haven't posted here in a while. Part of it is that I hate the interface for DW on mobile, and the majority of my internet-ing is, well, on mobile these days. (Mobile site when, DW?) The other part is that I'm pretty lazy, I guess.

In the real life corner of things:

- I went to New Mexico recently, to visit some friends. It was amazing, and I bought some books about American Indian history. Also, got to sit in a hot tub almost every evening because my friends' place is amazing and has a separate hot tub room. (It was there when they bought it! They thought they wouldn't use it that much, but it turns out that hot tub rooms are awesome.)

- I'm trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce. It is hard. Almost everything you buy is covered in layers of packaging. Food is very difficult, because outside of fruits and veggies, everything is covered in plastic and more plastic.

- Related to that, I've started baking my own bread (partially inspired by [personal profile] tassosss) and that's been a fun journey. I've also made my own pasta! ... But, it turns out that I don't like cooking as much as I like baking. Additionally, About a year or two ago I discovered that a lot of my digestive issues were caused by onions. Did you know that 90% of all recipes call for onions or garlic as flavoring? Yeah. Cooking good food is tough. :(

- I'm doing a digital arts class right now. Photoshop was fairly easy, and we've moved into Illustrator. Unfortunately, I'm much more familiar with digital art tools than many of the other students, so I'm often bored stiff. I'm trying not to be resentful of everybody's questions, but... I wish the class would move a bit faster.

- I've stalled out on my writing. TBH I need to edit and I hate editing, and it hasn't helped that one of my friends (who doesn't DW) offered to help me out and then disappeared on me. I know I need to just do it and forget about other people, but it was a bit demotivating.

Fannish things:

- Should I sign up for [community profile] holly_poly? Is anybody else interested in that exchange? I'm wary of the long sign up and writing time, but I guess that means I have another 3-ish weeks to decide whether to sign up for not.

- Like I mentioned, I did sign up for [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico. My listing is here. In retrospect, I probably put too much emphasis on the porn -- I can write non-porn things too. :P I just wanted to make it clear to people browsing that I wasn't averse to it, because so many of the other listings have notes saying they won't write smut or noncon or whatever.

- I beat Persona 5! ... I thought it was really dumb, and I'm glad two of my other friends who have played it agree with me, since most of the internet is in love with P5.

- I recently played OneShot, which I wholly recommend if you enjoyed Undertale or Pony Island or any number of other vaguely meta games. The writing is good, there are some unepected twists, and I loved the way the puzzles worked out. Don't watch any lets plays or spoiler reviews though, it's best enjoyed unspoiled. And it does need at least two playthroughs, otherwise you only get part of the story.

Fandom Loves Puerto Rico

Oct. 17th, 2017 05:08 pm
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I signed up for [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico!

You can find my listing here:

I can probably be convinced to write other fandoms, if you know that I'm familiar with them. :P Or if you just want dirty porn, I'm happy to oblige.

Feel free to leave a comment or message me if you have questions.

(no subject)

Oct. 15th, 2017 07:46 pm
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So it turns out I'll be home for Thanksgiving for the first time in almost a decade after all!

I live half a continent away from my family, and I only get four weeks of vacation per year.  (More precisely, four SUNDAYS of vacation per year.)  It generally works out to one at Christmas, one in early spring, and two in late summer.  Between Thanksgiving being murder for flying, and how close it is to Christmas, I generally just stay at home.  And because going to someone else's family holiday dinner, particularly when you are their pastor, is hella awkward and cooking a holiday meal for one is just depressing, I generally don't have any kind of celebration that day.

Well!  This year, I have a new niece, who is SO PRECIOUS, FOLKS, and who had the good taste to be born on my birthday.  Given that her father (my brother) does shift work at a power plant, and my parents own their own business which has a very irregular schedule, and my own schedule is rather complicated, arranging dates for such an event is ... difficult.  So in late August/early September, we were discussing things, and there were not many Sundays that would work for everybody, and none at all until November.  Then it occurred to me that if it were scheduled for either the Sunday before or the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I could be home for Thanksgiving!  And said as much.  And Mom said she would check if the Sunday before would work, but that sounded good, and she would let me know, and if it couldn't be then, they should probably just see if they could schedule it for the Sunday after Christmas when I am normally home anyway.

I heard nothing.  For a month and a half.  I assumed that it hadn't worked for November, and would be after Christmas.

In a phone call today, my Mom asked me if I had my plane ticket home for Thanksgiving yet.

"Wait, what?"

"You know, for the baptism."

"We're doing it in November?"

"Of course we are!"

"Does ... does [brother] know?  Does [sister-in-law]?"

Apparently, after getting everybody's responses that yes, the day would work, she just assumed that everybody knew that it had been scheduled for that date, without telling everybody that yes, it worked for everybody.  I love my Mom, but she does this.  She will schedule things and not tell people.  She knows how everything fits together, and so she just assumes that everyone else knows too.  Even when you ask her directly, sometimes she'll leave out crucial information because she'll assume that either you don't need to know it or you already know it because it should be obvious.

My Dad loves Google Calendar.  It's the first time in their marriage that he's been able to figure out what's going on ahead of time, because Mom uses it religiously and now everything is in one place.  Instead of in five different places, one of which is inside her head.

This is definitely an emotional labor issue, but at the same time ... scheduling is not the exclusive province of my mother because Dad doesn't want to help and participate, okay?

Anyway, now I have a plane ticket home and the good news is that I will be home for Thanksgiving!

Fic: Nyota's Choice

Oct. 15th, 2017 04:44 pm
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Title: Nyota's Choice
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Characters: Spock, Nyota
Author: beatrice_otter
Rating: kid
Length: 3,802 words
Betaed by: Laura JV
Series: Keshta'Shivau
Summary: Sarek gets married. Nyota has a decision to make.

At AO3 and tumblr
Sequel to The Desert Between

It took Nyota most of a shift to notice it, but there was something up with Spock. )

Next work in the series: Children of the Desert

Stone House

Oct. 13th, 2017 11:44 pm
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I've been trying to get out and walk as much as possible to get away from screens. I walked out to reshoot this place in Forest Park. It was my 3rd attempt to get back there. They are replacing bridges and repairing trails, but not being super good and updating the online info or the detour signs.

I am glad to have newer, higher res images but I am not 100% happy with this set. (I downscale to upload to DW, to not eat through my space here too fast.) At the same time, I do like them and pairing the shoot down to just a few pictures was hard. I'll go out again at a point to take more pictures, once I figure out what I want to do with the shots.

Getting good angles and distance on this place is hard with the terrain as sloped as it is. This is the one time I wish I did drone photography.

A few more pictures. )

Dear Yuletide Writer

Oct. 9th, 2017 12:25 am
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(Wow, assignments came out fast - apologies for not having this up in advance!)

Thank you so much! The thought of a story in any of these fandoms is already making me happy.

I love all of these fandoms unreservedly, so if you have a yen to explore the universe, or bring in additional characters I didn't list, it's all good.

If you want more information about my requests, read on - but please don't worry if your ideas go in a different direction. Optional details are optional! I would much rather read the story you wanted to write than the story you felt you were obligated to write because of something I said. As long as it's for one of these fandoms, and uses the characters, you totally win at Yuletide. \o/

my fic tastes )

Why I love these fandoms

(Alphabetical, not ranked by preference! I love them all. :)

Boston Legal )

Peacemakers )

The Slipper and the Rose )

Tango & Cash )

Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey )

I adore all these fandoms, and will be happy with absolutely anything you write, as long as you enjoy writing it.

And thank you, again!!

Yuletide Time!

Oct. 9th, 2017 09:50 pm
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Welp, I have lived long enough to have reached my twelfth Yuletide. I am surprised and pleased at this outcome, especially after the way that 2017 rolled in for the whole world.

Anyway. Yuletide is always fun for me, I've always loved my gifts, and I try to generally be chill about the process, so I hope I can make your assignment easy and enjoyable for you, too. My letters tend to be long – please don't worry! I am chatty, and excited that we share a fandom. I am all on board with optional details being optional: you go and ODAO if you have to. We have connected over our love for a fandom. I will love what you write.

I've put down ideas for each fandom – they are honestly just random things that have occurred to me as I write my letter, things that would be cool to read. I'm not particularly attached to any one idea (or fandom, for that matter), but wanted to throw out some prompts in case you're the kind of writer that likes prompts or wants to get an idea of how I view the fandom. If you find those prompts too constrictive, please fly free! I love the fandom, I love all the characters, I love the way that people are fannish about the characters. I am a fan of fandom, so show me how you love the characters we matched on, and I will be happy. I promise.

After eleven of these letters, I've got my likes and dislikes pinned down, so I've cut and pasted them from previous letters:
Likes and dislikes )

I've talked about the specific fandoms under the cut, with possible scenarios or prompts. I talk more about some than others, but please understand I have no favourite. It's just what has come to mind as I write the letter. I would be happy with fic for any of these fandoms.

There are important spoilers here for Westworld and The Good Place, so if you're browsing letters, please be careful!

Beautiful Losers II – Jack Vettriano, The Defenders, New Rules – Dua Lipa, Doctor Strange, Westworld, The Good Place )

If we've matched on a large canon, and it's not going to work for you, I've got a few small and easily accessed canons here:
A painting: Beautiful Losers II, Jack Vettriano
A music video: New Rules – Dua Lipa.

For stalking purposes, I'm [ profile] st_aurafina and [ profile] st-aurafina. All my previous Dear Author letters are here: Dear Author. If you have any questions, you're welcome to message my partner, [personal profile] lilacsigil. She will keep your secret for life, or at least until after reveals.

Thank you so much for writing! I hope your Yuletide is fantastic.

Dear Author, Yuletide 2017

Oct. 7th, 2017 09:00 pm
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Dear Author,

I love Yuletide, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. I enjoy seeing what my assigned writer has to offer in their style and ideas.

Some of my favorite things are character-centered fic, exploring complex relationship dynamics, porn with or without a plot that reflects the character dynamics, found families and friends hanging out, overcoming angst, and a mix of humor and serious tone.

I Do Not Want: Noncon/dubcon, BDSM, sick fic (especially anything to do with cancer), gore above a PG 13 rating, crackfic.

My requests:

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue Series - Mackenzi Lee
Percy Newton, Henry "Monty" Montague

I love historical comedies. Set in the YA genre, with diverse characters? Even better. This was one of my favorite books this year. Funny, but touching, and the main romance is slow burn and adorable.

I'd really be happy with anything about their relationship, but here are some prompts:
-Domesticity fic where they've settled down somewhere after the events of the book.
-Pre-book pining and angst. Monty's time at school, and Percy surviving without him.
-Possibly combined with the above, epistolary fic.
-Crime-solving case fic.
-Another grand tour, this time on another continent. Tripping through the old libraries looking for more information on Percy's ailment.
-Modern day road trip AU.

Swordspoint Series-Ellen Kushner
Alec Campion, Richard St. Vier

Richard and Alec are my forever OTP, and Swordspoint is one of the few books that I have re-read again and again.

I enjoy fics for this pairing that really delve into their complicated, at times weird relationship dynamics, whether it's just a slice of their life, a big adventure, or PWP. I do enjoy the darkness in this pairing, and would be interested in full-blown depressed/dangerous/maybe slightly off his rocker Alec, and Richard helping him out of it (or maybe abetting just a little). Sex, drugs, and bloody sword fights. On the other hand I wouldn't mind a Kyros-era fic with the two of them being as fluffy as they can manage, or something else domestic. (I always feel like my requests for this pairing are vague and I apologize, but I've honestly never read a bad fic in this fandom and anything about them makes me happy.)

Midnight, Texas
Joe Strong, Chuy Strong, Olivia Charity, Lem Bridger

I watched this show on a whim and it ended up being one of my favorite new series. Found family plus supernatural elements? Sign me up!

I requested my two favorite ships of the show. Lem and Olivia are so well matched, both incredibly strong characters that can deal with each others quirks and dangerous side. Chuy and Joe are so supportive of each other, and I love the idea of a demon/angel romance in general.

-Both pairings have a lot of history, so a backstory fic would be interesting, maybe parallel story lines through the ages with Lem/Olivia and Chuy/Joe.
-If you want to put a twist on the above, time travel fic.
-If you're in to case fic, make up a murder and a monster for them to investigate. Or maybe one of the creatures from the show has come back for a second round.
-Some fluffy fic about how the "family" celebrates the holidays. (Do they even celebrate winter holidays? Maybe they're more in to Halloween in Midnight?)

ODAO but if you'd like to include other characters, please feel free! I love the group dynamic. Also, if you would prefer to focus on one pairing, you can take this as an and/or request.

(Note: I have not read the books, so this request is solely based on the TV show.)

Call Me By Your Name- André Aciman
Oliver, Elio

I re-read the book this year, after the movie was announced, and was reminded of Aciman's beautiful writing. This is a novel that draws you in with prose and scenery, and you're rooting for these characters, even if the relationship looks difficult on the surface.

I've always craved more of a conclusion than we got in the book. I understand why Aciman wrote it that way, and I think it works very well, except when it comes to my shipper heart. I'd like  a re-do of the scene where Elio and Oliver meet later in life. Perhaps several times, before they finally make a decision if they will stay together or be apart. (Perhaps a five times fic would even work for this?)  Alternatively, if you'd rather focus on their short time together in canon, I could read pages of summer idyll and pining, just like in the book. I adore the overall sense of longing, hope, and anxiety in the story.  Maybe something from Oliver's perspective, to get his point of view. Elio wants to know if that summer meant as much to Oliver as it did to him…did it? Why did Oliver end up choosing the conventional life?

Another random idea is a reincarnation AU. What if Elio and Oliver were drawn to each other because they've known each other in a past life?

Shivering Soldier

It was one of my favorite films this year, with beautiful cinematography and a beautiful score. Even if it may not have been 100% accurate, it seemed like Nolan captured the spirit of the event. Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of Cillian Murphy and part of the reason I saw the film was for him, and his role didn't disappoint.

We only get small glimpses of the characters, caught in crisis mode as they are, and I was left wanting more. My request here is the least detailed simply because there's next to nothing in canon, and so much to explore that I would find interesting. I would like to see more of the Shivering Soldier's story and what happens to him after he walks away from the ship, whether it's recovery or further descent. Or, if you'd prefer, anything about his life before.

(note: I'm fine if you want to incorporate m/m romance with an OC somehow, but I am not interested in shipping the Shivering Soldier with any other character from the film.)

Puget Ramble: Miscellaneous Pictures

Oct. 7th, 2017 04:26 pm
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Western Washington waystation. Beer, weed and free Wifi.

Proof weird shit was going on in Vashon: there was a roadside Dean Winchester trap.

More pictures, including new additions to my collection of partially broken bridges I have walked across )


Oct. 5th, 2017 10:26 pm
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In the Rivers of London audible short story "A Rare Book of Cunning Device," Elsie "Hatbox" Winstanley refers to having seen books used to hide hand grenades in some place that sounds like "Oluwayo" or "Boluweia" in 1975.  Is she referring to Boluwayo, the city in Zimbabwe?