Re: Weston College Prefects OT4

Date: 2016-02-14 10:28 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Um... A short drabble? I'm doing this completely on impulse, so apologies if not what you want/this is terrible :)
Lawrence sighed, and rubbed his eyes. Honestly, what was the point of his requesting special study area for the P4 if no-one else was studying?
Gregory was drawing. Edgar was - well, he was preening, that was the only word for it. Herman looked like he was working, but he wasn't.
Sure, he was reading, slowly. Lawrence knew that cricket strategies weren't on the exam though.
He wouldn't mind, but it was irksome. So irksome, in fact, that he just had to say something:
"You do know that the Oxford exam is in a month, right?"
"Yes... So?" replied Edgar lazily. He even had the gall to smirk.
"So study!"
Gregory and Herman looked up.
"Are you okay?" Asked Herman, seeming genuinely concerned. "You've been stressed about this for ages, but you're smart. You'll be fine, Lawrence."
"Mm, you really are tense about this. Have been since, oh, September." Added Edgar.
Lawrence rolled his eyes and got back to work. These Latin verbs wouldn't conjugate themselves.
Amare in the 3rd singular subjunctive, then... Wait? What was that - whispering?
The other three were sitting closer together, plotting something. He knew they were; after all, he'd known them since they were 11. But normally he was involved...
Oh well, this would let him get on with the Latin. Now, timere in the pluperfect. Tricky.
"Are you sure that's a good idea? He gets really mad whenever we stop him revising, you do realise, Edgar."
"He studies too much. Subconsciously, he'll be grateful to us for helping him relax. Might even return the favour."
"Are we seriously doing this again?"
Lawrence could sort of hear the conversation going on around him, but he wasn't paying attention. Then -
"Hang on, did you just say-?"
"Yes, yes he did." Gregory nodded. "He's a pervert."
"I am not!" Said Herman indignantly.
Edgar shook his head. "I thought this was about poor hard- working Lawrence, not Herman repressing his submissive side again."
"So it is. What are we waiting for then?" Asked Gregory.
He dumped his drawing things on the table, got up, and kissed Lawrence proper, on the mouth.
Lawrence tried to say, 'I'm working!' but what with being kissed - rather well, he had to admit - it came out as more of a contented moan.
Edgar applauded. Being a quiet chap himself, he had to admire a good moaner. Though he'd much prefer to be the cause of them.
"Here, Gregory, I thought we were going to share? You're hogging him."
Gregory made a rude noise, and indicated that Edgar should come over and help himself, then, ta very much.
So he did.
Herman had always been more of a voyeur, though after a while he thought he might as well help out.
Macmillan, passing the P4 study area that afternoon, later remarked to his good friend, who went by Breheny:
"I'm awfully worried the P4 might be coming down with that flu that's going round. They were making so much noise when I went past! Whimpers, even! I do hope they're all right."
And Breheny, who wasn't stupid, just laughed.

I hope you liked it! I sort of faded to black *nervous laugh* but if you knew what my smut writing was like you'd be glad.

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