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21 Days of Thedas Party Post!

Welcome to 21 Days of Thedas!

Put on your party hats - it’s time for the Hawke-Might-Be-Dead Memorial Party! It’s a wake, it's a prompt meme, it’s a kink meme, it’s a fandom party celebration! Sure we don’t know the fate of Hawke for certain, but who cares? Let’s immortalize the Heroes of the Dragon Age with a whole lot of art and fic!

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Day 8 -
September 13 - Prompting ends, posting begins! You have 14 days to write, draw, and potentially diorama as many prompts as you can. Cross-posting to the anonymous AO3 collection is allowed.
Day 19 - September 24 - This is the cut-off day for prompters to reply to any questions about their prompt. Unanswered questions are considered enthusiastic agreement.
Day 21 -
September 26 - Last day of posting! All fills must be posted by 11:59 PM North American Mountain Time.
Day 22 - September 27 - Party time! The reveals post goes up, and you now have the option of going unanon in whatever manner you please. The AO3 collection will be de-anoned, and will remain open indefinitely for unanon cross-posting.

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FILL: Josephine/Sera, Part 1/??, post-Trespasser

(Anonymous) 2015-09-24 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
I have NO IDEA if I'm actually going to be able to finish this in time, but I'm going to try. (In my defense, A Nonnie Made Me Do It. =P)

Posting this in the "anything thread" because one, there are minor Trespasser spoilers for a non-Trespasser prompt, and two, because it was originally meant to fill this prompt:, but some elements of this one keeps slipping in and out:

Writing this has given me newfound respect for anyone who writes Sera well. Also: I know nothing of French, so I apologize if any of the nobles' names come across as odd.


It was not a large gathering; perhaps no more than thirty people attended. But conversation flowed easily, accompanied by the light, lilting flow of music and free of the polite bite of cultured disapproval. Even from across the room, Josephine could see that the hostess— the young heir from a prominent merchant family— looked pleased with herself, and with good cause. Perhaps when she was older she would count her successes by each move she made in the Game, but at her current age, a well-run party was accomplishment enough.

If only Yvette would pay half the attention to such matters, Josephine thought with a sharply contained sigh. She’d had to keep half an eye out on her sister since they’d arrived, and had already caught her several times that evening ignoring the other guests in favor of staring at the many portraits and landscapes hanging between each curved arch of the walls.

She herself had spent the hours socializing, when she wasn’t scolding Yvette, filling the air with easy chatter as she listened for hidden meanings. At the moment, however, she had no conversational partner; she’d taken a brief moment to herself, both to have a chance to look over the room as an observer, and to simply breathe.

A servant— an elf, she couldn’t help but note— approached with a glass of wine, and Josephine accepted it with murmured thanks. She took a small sip, and continued to cast her gaze around the room.

The family hosting the event were known for their fine art collection— one reason why Yvette had been so eager to come— and were clearly eager to show it. Elaborate arches lined the walls, with the paintings Yvette so admired filling the empty spaces in between. Where there were no paintings, there were scattered windows, and the occasional opened door leading to balconies overlooking the sprawling vineyards just outside. It was not a small space; there was just room enough for all to mingle, without leaving the room feeling empty. Most of the guests gathered in loose clumps of twos and threes, drifting easily from one conversation to another.

At some point, she’d lost track of Yvette. Now, after a moment of looking, Josephine spotted her again, at the other end of the room, sipping from her own glass of wine— she made a mental note to let the servants know not to refill her glass too many times— and making what was, even from this distance, clearly a lackluster attempt at conversation with another one of the guests.

It seemed Josephine’s respite was already at an end. With a restrained sigh, she lowered her glass, and began to wind her way across the room.

She had nearly reached them when, from the corner of her eye, a glimmer of movement caught her attention. She turned.

For a moment, she saw only the pointed ears and plainly-colored livery, and thought her simply another servant.

Then she realized that she recognized those ears, those slight shoulders, that rough, pale hair, half-hidden by the ridiculous hat the Courcillons required of all of their servants. She caught her breath.


She started, turning towards Josephine, and Josephine saw, with a startling burst of relief, that she hadn’t been mistaken: it was Sera, though she’d never seen her dressed in such a way. That, at least, had been no trick of the eye. Instead of her usual jeweled tones, Sera wore the plain, tan-colored livery of the Courcillon family.

Somehow, she doubted that Sera had actually decided to begin working for the nobility.

The moment their eyes met, Sera let out a low groan. “Oh, buggering tit-buckets.”

Her displeasure could not have been more clear. It stung, but Josephine did not allow her own smile to waver.

There were many things she could say; even without taking their current circumstances into account, it had, after all, been a little over six months since she’d last seen her— since the Inquisition had disbanded— and longer still since they’d properly spoken. Finally, she settled on something vague and open-ended. “I must say, I did not expect to see you here.”

Sera let out another groan, this one decidedly more frustrated. “Please, don’t get started on all that stupid noble talk. Just say what you mean already. Or don’t say anything. That’s an option, too, right? ”

As she spoke, her eyes darted around the room.

“I think not.” She did not know Sera as well as she might have, but she knew enough to realize that putting her in the same room as nobility never ended well. An entrance to a balcony was not far ahead from where they stood, and Josephine nodded that way. “Would you care to step out for a moment?”

Openly conversing at length with a “servant” would, after all, only cause unwanted eyes to turn their way.

Sera relaxed a little at that, though she still looked disgruntled. “Yeah, whatever.”

The air outside was light and cool, the breeze still carrying a light tang of salt from the sea. Josephine leaned against the railing, wine glass dangling in her hand as she looked out upon the dark rows of vines below. Sera lingered to the side, fidgeting.

For a moment, they were silent. Then Josephine spoke. “I take it you have not joined the Courcillon’s household?”

“What?” Sera spluttered, then snorted, the annoyance fading from her face as she laughed. “No. Hell no. Do I look like the serving sort to you?”

Josephine let out a soft chuckle. “I must admit, I find it...difficult, to imagine.” She paused, and turned to look Sera straight-on. “However, that does strike out the most likely explanation for your being here.”

Sera grimaced. “Oh. Yeah. That.”

“Yes, ‘that’.” Josephine closed her eyes briefly. “I’m almost afraid to hear the answer, but I must ask. Sera, what are you doing here?”

“Just, doing...stuff. Things.” A pause. “Useful things.”

That...clarified nothing. Josephine resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose.

She needed to look at it positively. At least Sera had answered her— she hadn’t been entirely certain that she would.

“I see. Might you tell me what sort of ‘things’ those are?”

“Er.” Sera chewed her lip, clearly thinking.

Finally, she seemed to come to a decision. “Right. So. You see that one, over there?” She nodded vaguely in the direction of the entranceway, and Josephine followed her gaze.

She could not tell who Sera was looking at. Several people filled her vision, but none stood out. After a moment of searching, she relented. “I’m sorry, but of whom are you speaking?”

Him.” An impatient note entered Sera’s voice. “The poncy-looking one— well, they’re all poncy-looking, but the really poncy-looking one. The one trying to chat that other one up.”

Josephine looked closely— and finally saw who it was she was talking about.

It was, she realized with a frisson of surprise, the man speaking with Yvette.

“Lord Voclain?”

Sera made a dismissive gesture. “Yeah. That one. He’s been nosing around the docks, bullying ship-workers, throwing his weight around like it actually means something, that sort of thing. So we thought we’d embarrass him a little. Which, good, yeah? ‘Cept the one we got to do it’s new, and got nervous. So I said I’d be here, moral support and all that shite. Way I figured, watching a bit tit get humiliated’s no skin off my back.” Sera paused. “‘Sides, this way, I get a piece of the cut. So here I am.”

It took Josephine a moment to parse through everything Sera had said. The situation was nothing new; she’d done damage control after enough such pranks to know that this was typical Sera. But—

“Lord Voclain, at the docks?” She frowned. “Are you certain?”

“That’s what my people say.” Now Sera frowned too. “Why? That’s not weird, is it? Thought you Antivan types were all about your trade and your ocean and your big boats.”

“ not inaccurate,” Josephine allowed. “But Lord Voclain is not Antivan; he is Orlesian. His family has no involvement in trade— at least, not that I’m aware of it.”

“Huh.” Sera made a thoughtful sound, then shrugged. “Don’t know anything about any of that. I just know someone wanted him brought down a peg or two.”

Josephine’s eyes narrowed at the reminder. “Yes, about that—”

“Whoa, whoa!” Sera exclaimed with a burst of laughter. She leaned back against the railing. “Don’t get your underpants in a twist, yeah? Nothing’s going to happen tonight. Girl lost her nerve. I was just heading out when you caught me.”

Josephine gave her a flat look. “I believe I recall you making a very similar protest when the Duchess of Lydes came to Skyhold. I never could persuade her to come back down to the dining hall, after that.”

“Oh, yeah.” Sera laughed. “That was a good one.” Sobering up a bit, she continued, “But I really do mean it this time. Places to go, things to do, and all that.”

Reaching over, she snatched the wine glass that had been dangling, half-forgotten, in Josephine’s hand, and drained it in a single gulp.


Sera pressed the glass back into Josephine’s hands with a laugh, silencing her as their fingers brushed together. With a grin and a sing-song kind of voice, she said, “See you around, Lady Josie.”

Then, before Josephine could say anything more, she pressed her hands to the railing and, in a move utterly reminiscent of the former Inquisitor, leapt off the edge to the ground below.

Unlike the former Inquisitor, however, she did not land silently. Distantly, Josephine could hear her curse. “Ouch! Bloody, buggering— how did she always do this—? Stupid—”

Josephine raised a hand to her mouth, a few soft sounds slipping out as she tried, and failed, to fully contain her laughter.

Re: FILL: Josephine/Sera, Part 1/??, post-Trespasser

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Re: FILL: Josephine/Sera, Part 1/??, post-Trespasser

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Re: FILL: Josephine/Sera, Part 1/??, post-Trespasser

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Post-Origins, King Alistair/Zevran

(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
I’d love something set a few years after the end of Origins with King Alistair/Zevran. I like the idea of Zevran acting for Alistair kind of how Leliana acts for Divine Justinia – taking care of the clandestine dirty work – and also of them taking the time for a drink or two now and then to relax and reminisce about old times. PWP is very welcome, but I’d also be down for sexual tension banter, quiet character/relationship moments, or an actual plot if you feel so inclined.

Would vastly prefer King Alistair ruling alone, to sidestep my infidelity squick :) Sorry, Anora!

Iron Bull/Fenris

(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
Either Fenris meeting Iron Bull prior to him meeting Hawke, or after DAII ended.

I'm not sure if they'd be awesome together or if they'd be horrible, but I AM preeetty sure that a one night stand between them would be AWESOME.

...for me as the voyeuristic reader, not necessarily for Fenris or Iron Bull.

If you want to include loving descriptions of the size difference between them, that would be excellent.

Re: Iron Bull/Fenris - art fill

(Anonymous) 2015-09-13 04:30 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: Iron Bull/Fenris - art fill

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Re: Iron Bull/Fenris - art fill

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(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I’ve always thought Sera and Josephine would make a great sort of odd couple. Josephine’s noble and proper, Sera’s very much… not. But they both have a sense of humor, and I think Sera could really draw Josephine out of her shell and help her relax from the never-ending diplomatic crises. And Josie’s such a sweetheart, and a good judge of character. I think she could help Sera feel more comfortable at Haven/Skyhold, and she could help clear up any diplomatic tangles Sera got into.

Um enough rambling, how about an actual prompt: Sera or Josie doing something to help the other, leads to flirting, possibly more ;) Fic or art would both be awesome!

Dubcon Fade Sex

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
Double-dubcon Fade shenanigans, pretty please? I’d love a fic where two characters who are either rivals or just don’t always see eye to eye end up stuck in the same little bubble of the Fade. They both think they’re dreaming, Desire Demon does its subtle sex polleny thing, and they have sex – then they (either immediately or eventually) realize it really was the other person.

I’d be super down for Anders/Fenris, Rival M!Hawke/Fenris, or Dorian/Fenris, but am open to most pairings you think might work!

Iron Bull/Male Lavellan - Hurt/Comfort

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 05:26 am (UTC)(link)
Male Lavellan Inquisitor having an absolutely shitty day out in the field, coming back to Skyhold and having to keep it together by the skin of his teeth through war table meetings and talks with advisors and companions, having to hide just how fucking messed up he is all day long – and then finally getting back to his quarters and being able to collapse into Iron Bull’s embrace. Hurt/comfort via BDSM is very welcome but more PG-13 hurt/comfort is also A++ ;)

Morrigan/Warden - imperial court

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
So, what was the Warden doing when Morrigan first became Celene's occult advisor? Did he hang around (maybe awkwardly, maybe in the shadows of?) the court? Go off doing his own thing, albeit with frequent visits to her? Or was he already searching for a cure for the Calling at that point?

Basically, I'd like to see what Morrigan and a romanced Warden are up to when she first becomes Celene's occult advisor.

FILL: Morrigan/Warden - imperial court

(Anonymous) 2015-09-13 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
Went for a long distance relationship/reunion kind of thing. Hope this works for you!


"The Crux of Things"

The ballroom was crowded with feathers, silks, bejeweled masks, hats piled high with flowers. Somewhere beneath elaborate contraptions of white chiffon and golden ribbons -- the colors of the summer -- were a hundred fluttering courtiers whose primary function seemed to be propelling their outfits across the marble floor. Bright, thin music echoed beneath the chatter.

From his place on the balcony, tucked between a spiralling marble pillar and a pair of women who seemed to be either flirting or preparing to duel, Amell surveyed the gilded chaos and spotted her immediately. A dark, tight-laced dress, and no flowers for her hair; the only person in the court not wearing a mask. Her strictly schooled expression was mask enough.

She shone like moonlight on still water. Even after all these years of reunions and departures, their dance across nations, his breath caught at first sight of her.

Though she didn’t look up from her conversation, Amell knew Morrigan had seen him too. Likely she’d known his exact whereabouts since the very moment he set foot on the premises. The Orlesian court was shockingly simple to infiltrate during a ball -- with everyone already in masks, disguises were easy and unremarkable. Amell had cringed as he spent Warden money on a close-fitting vest with elaborate white-on-white embroidery, a silk undershirt with falls of lace trailing from the sleeves, tanned deerskin boots that looked golden in sunlight. He'd given enough to the order, he knew, he could spend its coin on a chance to see his love. But the white finery was perhaps the least practical outfit he'd ever owned.

The mask, though -- white, of course, trimmed with doves' feathers -- the mask he liked. He hadn't been so anonymous in years.

Mask or no, Morrigan knew he was there. Amell left his post on the balcony and wound his way through the crowd until he could slip unnoticed through a side door. He was no rogue, but he'd picked up a trick or two from Leliana and Zevran during their travels. He found himself in a dark, unattended hallway, with an open door a few paces down. He continued, stepping carefully, through to a small library. Poorly lit from sconces, without windows, and with more settees and armchairs than shelves, the room was clearly better suited to private rendezvous than actually reading.

He undid the top button at his throat. "Fucking Orlesians," he muttered.

The door clicked shut behind him. "Now, now, no need for rudeness."

"Morrigan." It was more than a name on his lips; it was supplication. A curse and a prayer.

He turned in time to catch her smirk, or grimace, he could never quite tell. It was a pained expression, and he wondered if she wore it often or only when he trespassed again into her life. Then she softened into a smile, and he saw the reflection of late nights by the campfire, the young woman who'd called him her first and only friend.

“Can I see him?” he asked, as he always asked.

She'd acquiesced, a few times, introduced young Kieran to Mother's old friend, Uncle Amell, but more often these years the answer was as today: "No. Not now."

And he'd long since made his peace with that. The boy was his blood, but not his son. Amell leaned back against a nearly bare bookshelf. "How is he?"

"He's well," answered Morrigan. Up close, she had more color in her cheeks than the last time he’d seen her, and he didn’t think it was powder. Court life must suit her. She couldn’t possibly fit in, but she’d never let that stop her from finding a place for herself. There was a touch of silver at her temples.

"And how are you?"

"I'm well, of course. Why the secrecy, love?" She gestured to his mask, his ridiculous silks. The chamber of dusty velvet and dustier books he’d ensconced himself in. "Usually I'm the one skulking in shadows."

Love. He relaxed, as much as he could in the restrictive garments. She’d grown up alone in a swamp; he’d grown up encircled in walls, packed in tight along with everyone who’d ever truly cared for him. Somedays he still feared that farflung friendships weren’t friendships after all.

But if he was Morrigan’s first friend, she was the hand on his leash. He trusted her not to let go, no matter how far apart they stretched.

Which was why she was on the very short list of people he needed to tell, "I've gone missing. I don't think Weisshaupt's realized yet, or if they have they haven't made it known, but I'm working on something."

"You never did like being locked away, by walls or duty."

Perhaps it wasn't meant as a rebuke, but it stung. "This is duty. It's for all of them, for all of us. I can't get anyone else involved, the forces at work are too strange and secretive for a larger party to tackle. But I'm going to stop the Calling."

A flash of something -- sorrow -- bright in her golden eyes. “I hadn’t -- I hadn’t thought that possible,” she said, her voice low. “I’ve thought of it. But it’s outside the depths of even my knowing. And I have so much else--”

“Hey.” He stepped closer and reached out to touch the back of her hand. Only a light caress, though he longed to hold her tight. Today, and the next day. Ten years from now. Twenty. He wanted to spend a lifetime breathless in her arms. “It’s Warden business. It’s my business.”

"If you need me, you have only to send word,” she swore, and he thought she meant it, though she had to know he wouldn’t. She was playing a long game all her own, and he would never call her from it. She drew her hand away, adjusted the chains of gold around her neck. “It seems we’re each drawn once again to the crux of things. Do we follow the storm, or does the storm itself give chase to us?”

"Yes," said Amell, and the laugh he earned from her would keep him warm for the next month at least. "Anyway. I just wanted you to know what was happening.”

“Is that all? A letter couldn’t have sufficed?”

“Well. Not quite all.” He slipped a hand down to her waist, pulled her close. She scowled, but when he bent to kiss her he felt her lips soften beneath his. Almost a smile before she melted into him. She tasted of red wine and a spark of something darker. After a year of seeing her shadow in every corner, hearing the echo of wry laughter in every crackling fire, her touch was overwhelming. Amell was dizzy with the warmth of her, with the inexorable pulse beneath his fingers. With the distant hum of her magic; entropy, the quiet sister of creation. They were two sides of the same coin and he wanted, needed, all of her. As much as she would give.

She reached behind his head, fumbled at the strings, and gently pulled his mask away.

Re: FILL: Morrigan/Warden - imperial court

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Re: FILL: Morrigan/Warden - imperial court

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Codex Entry Characters

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 02:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I can't be the only person fascinated by the characters we only hear about in Codex entries, right? Pick a codex entry, and write about the people we hear about in them.

For example, there's a great horror story hiding in the story of the person who wrote about the Envy Demon (

Or, what happened to the man who wanted to be a warrior again when the Blight came? (

I can't find a link to these, but when you go to the Fade in Here Lies the Abyss, there are some really interesting ones about a mage and templar who both went to the Conclave. Did they meet? How did they interact?

You don't need to write about those in particular (though I would love a horror story about that Envy demon one, cough); they're just examples. Choose any codex you like!

Re: Codex Entry Characters

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooh, this is an awesome prompt, nonny. There's so much to explore in all the nooks and crannies of the game...

Re: Codex Entry Characters

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Re: Codex Entry Characters

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Re: Codex Entry Characters

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Re: Codex Entry Characters

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Varric/f!Hawke - Here Lies the Abyss

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 02:24 pm (UTC)(link)
So... what would that quest have been like if Varric had been romanceable in DA2?

Vivienne/Iron Bull - knotting and size kink

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 04:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Qunari have intimidatingly huge knotting cocks. Vivienne want to see if she can take one, and Iron Bull is...not unattractive to her. Anal or vaginal, or anal after vaginal, both are awesome. And Vivienne dominating a startled but compliant Iron Bull is A++.

Iron Bull/Dorian - Saarebas Dorian

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Inquisition era Iron Bull gets an urgent request from the Qunari that he hunt down a rogue Saarebas in the area and kill it. He finds Dorian half-dead in the woods, hands bound and mouth sewn shut, and fails (utterly) to kill him.

Dorian doesn't know what to make of Iron Bull, but he knows enough to run from him as fast and far as he can--his handler is dead, and by their rules, Dorian is meant to die for that.

Nothing bad happens to Zevran

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 06:17 pm (UTC)(link)
A story where nothing bad happens to Zevran, and his life is completely lovely in every way.

Maybe it LOOKS like something bad might happen to him sometimes, but then it doesn't! Like the tavern almost ran out of eggs for his omelet, but then they used the ones that were supposed to be for the scruffy mage across the common room.

Or the weird glowing elf LOOKS like he might kill Zevran, but then he freaks out and has a panic attack when Zevran flirts with him, and Zevran is totally fine.

Or Zevran borrows some things (minor things, of no real importance--some nice clothes, and perhaps a coin purse or two. He left the staff and the mustache wax, after all, no real cause for anger--) from a displaced and rather disheveled mage from the Trevinter Imperium that he tumbled into bed with after a few too many drinks, and he almost gets caught, but then the mage falls back asleep.

You know, stuff like that!


(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 06:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything? Fluff, smut, au. Just anything will do. *beg*

FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

(Anonymous) 2015-09-15 02:32 am (UTC)(link)

Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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Re: FILL: Orsino/m!Hawke - emotional H/C handjob

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M!Hawke/Cullen soulmate au

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What kind of soulmate au is up to a!a. Bonus if hawke is a mage in kirkwall circle and they go through the game storyline together. I'm not really picky though. Drabble, smut, modern au or anything you fancy is fine.

Leliana & Morrigan - At the Winter Palace

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Anything that has Leliana and Morrigan interacting with one another during the ball at the Winter Palace. I'd also be fine with Leliana/Morrigan as well, if that's your poison.

Duke Germain - his relationship with his niece & nephew

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I was just playing through Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts, and some of Duke Germain's comments about Gaspard and Florianne struck me, particularly when he mentioned that it wasn't like Florianne to ignore him like she was. Now I really want to see anything about Duke Germain and his relationship with Gaspard and/or Florianne. Maybe something when those two were children/teenagers/young adults, or perhaps something post-quest, when Florianne's revealed as a traitor. Anything, really.

F/F - rivals/enemies to friends to lovers

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Basically anything about a femslash pair that starts out on the wrong foot, eventually learns to more or less get along, and finally turns romantic.

Maybe Aveline never gets with Donnic and she and Isabela begin to grow close instead, to mutual bafflement.

Or perhaps Calpernia and Hawke end up stranded together due to a freak fade accident.

Maybe even Josephine and Sera, trying their best to work together to butter up some noble, despite clashing personalities and priorities.

Also doesn't have to be any of the above! I'm not particular about the setting (AU is fine) or the pairing, I'd just really like to see some of this kind of dynamic between Dragon Age characters.


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Because smart-mouthed pirates being womanhandled by statuesque horned women is my jam. Clash of wills, manipulation, and mind-fuckery are all nifty keen (regardless of which of them is doing the manipulating). Non-con and dub-con are also cool, though I'd prefer no downer endings.

M!Hawke or anders/fenris (body horror? Idk)

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Fenris use his tattoo power to let his body be penetrated in ~interesting~ spots like his stomach, bladder or what have you. Or if his cock is tattooed too, he's the one that does the penetrating.

Cullen/Fenris Post-DA2

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Would love something with a non-romanced Fenris hooking up with Cullen. Either directly in the aftermath of DA2 or later once the Inquisition is getting going. I'm desperately fond of hurt/comfort scenarios (hurt Fenris is like catnip to me), "snowed in and trapped in tiny tent, must share body heat to survive" scenarios, and situations where they start as a one night stand but then turn into a two night stand, three nights, oh shit where did these feelings come from.

Also if you want to do anything with Fenris's lyrium markings interacting in some way with Cullen's addiction, I'll love you forever ;)

Re: Cullen/Fenris Post-DA2

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Hello nonny! An A!A here; I just want to check, how 'non-romanced' is 'non-romanced'? Would it be possible to do Hawke rejecting Fenris after he leaves after their one night, and moving on to one of the other companions? If that's okay, any prefs (can't guarantee I'll be able to include that much on Hawke, but always good to have this information if I need it)? Thank you kindly!

Re: Cullen/Fenris Post-DA2

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Re: Cullen/Fenris Post-DA2

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m!hawke/anders - manipulation, abusive relationship

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It's actually hawke who's all out crazy rebel mage. He hates the chantry so much but he knew going around openly spouting his hate won't do anyone favor. So when he met anders, he felt like he hit the jackpot. He nurtured anders' delusion, subtly planting the idea of eliminating the middle way (grand cleric), romancing him to make him less suspicious of hawke's ideas etc. And after, using the event as a base to rouse mage rebellion everywhere. I'm okay with either anders dead or not in the end.

Ketojan/mage M!Hawke

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Something about these two? Maybe somehow Hawke managed to change his mind and having nowhere else to go he stayed in the hanged man and being available as companion, or move to Hawke estate in act2?

Saemus/Ashaad elope and live happily somewhere

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That's it. That's the prompt.

AU - Cast decides to become pirates/privateers

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That's the prompt. Your choice which game, your choice how or why, but take them from some point in canon to cannons, cutlasses, and velvet frock coats on the high seas. Any pairing is acceptable, any combination of characters is cool, though Isabella should probably feature prominently.

and Zevran is my favourite

Iron Bull/Dorian - Fisting

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Dorian wants the F. And by F, I mean Iron Bull's fist. And by that, I mean Dorian finding out that fisting is a thing, and immediately deciding that it must be a thing that he does. With Iron Bull.

Though first he has to convince Iron Bull--who knew it was a thing, but also knows that he has really, really big hands, and thus has never actually fisted anyone. The other way around, sure, he's done that once or twice, but if Dorian would just look at the size of his hands--

Comedy or porn or both.

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