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This is the official Dead Vanyel Party discussion post!

Whether it's your first read or your millionth, there's always something worth talking about--and rambling at length about at that. Confide in your fellow Lackey fans--who's your fave? What books do you eat up with a spoon? Does Vanyel end up as a gay Companion after the Mage Storms books? Or is he reborn as the very subtle baby herald "Vanel"? If so, does that make Stef his life-bonded companion "Tylenol", or what? And is Ma'ar REALLY dead? (No!)

Life's little questions, and we all want to talk about them.

Anon and unanon are currently allowed on this post. As of August 9, only anon posting will be allowed, in order to foster an anonny sense of anonymousness, in the vein of everyone's favorite meme ;P. The exception to the anon-only rule is the Introduction Thread, where you can introduce yourself and meet fellow players.

If you're looking for "Research Materials", join the comm and visit this post. (Subtle, right?)

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Date: 2015-08-03 05:42 am (UTC)
shadow_lover: (promise)
From: [personal profile] shadow_lover
Username on DW/AO3/Tumblr: Socked up as shadow_lover on DW and AO3, the-shadow-lover on Tumblr.
Favorite Valdemar Book: Magic's Pawn
Most hated Valdemar book: I could never get into any of the short stories.
Age of first exposure to Lackey: Around 13 or 14.
Favorite Valdemar protagonist and villain: Vanyel's my favorite protag, and Krebain's my favorite villain. So sad we only got like five pages of him.
Least favorite: I honestly can't say. I never read a lot of the ones most commonly cited as least faves.
OTPs: I multiship like whoah here. Particularly excited by Vanyel getting menaced by a variety of evil mages, I supppose.
Introduction: My best-known pseudonym on [community profile] fail_fandomanon is Vanyel's Campaign Manager; I intended to just write one campaign post for the Woobie-Off and ended up falling head over heels into Woobie hell for a massive nostalgia trip. (Looks like the Vanyel Campaign wiki page isn't quite done yet...) During the campaign, I casually mentioned a hypothetical fic fest over email to Mod Mornelithe. She took the idea and ran with it, and now we're here!

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Date: 2015-08-04 03:50 am (UTC)
thene: Happy Ponyo looking up from the seabed (Default)
From: [personal profile] thene
Particularly excited by Vanyel getting menaced by a variety of evil mages, I supppose.

I know there was once some Krebain/Vanyel on ff.n, but it appears to have been taken down. ://// I wrote Leareth/Vanyel once and fuck me but I might have to do more of that sometime


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