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31 Days of 21 Days

~Amnesty Post~

21 Days is taking a break for December! Instead of our typical three-week fest, we're using this as a general fill amnesty month. Feel free to take this opportunity to fill prompts left from any of our previous fests.

How does this work?

1. Write or draw a fill!
2. Post that fill under the original prompt on that fest's Party Post!
3. Drop the link to your fill in a comment on this Amnesty Post so it's easier for people to find it!

You're also welcome to cross-post to the original AO3 Collections for each fest. If you choose to post to AO3 (or Tumblr, DeviantArt, Instagram, Grindr, whatever) you can drop the link under the original prompt instead of posting the entire fill. Anon-commenting is entirely optional for this month.

Links to previous fests!
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[f!Hawke/Isabela - Hawke left in the Fade] Prompt Fill

[personal profile] maramcreates 2015-12-08 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
In response to:

[f!Hawke/Isabela - Hawke left in the Fade]
[Isabela's reaction to Hawke being left in the Fade. Alternatively, show me the first time she and Varric meet again after she gets the news.]

^_^' I hope you like it:
"Adrift" on AO3
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Valdemar - Van/Stef - more of The Lost One

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Wanted to let them chill and talk about stuff, okay. God they need hugged ;_;

Part 1
Part 2