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Welcome to 21 Days of the Wizarding World!

You are cordially invited to the 34th Death Day Celebrations of Lily and James Potter!  It’s a prompt meme, it’s a kink meme, it's an art meme, and it's a celebration of the first deaths in the book! Yuletide won't take you that long--you have loads of time, promise!

now complete!

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Day 1 - October 31 - The moment (ish) when Lily and James Potter bit the dust 34 years ago! We're celebrating their noble, noble deaths for the sake of the wizarding world with prompts! Porn prompts, crack prompts, ship prompts, squid prompts--they're dead! They can't judge you! There's seven days to put as many prompts as you'd like on this post.
Day 8 - November 7 - Prompting ends, posting begins! You have 14 days to write, draw, and potentially diorama as many prompts as you can. Our AO3 Collection is now open and anonymous.
Day 19 - November 19 - This is the cut-off day for prompters to reply to any questions about their prompt. Unanswered questions are considered enthusiastic agreement.
Day 21 - November 21 - Last day of posting! All fills must be posted by 11:59 PM North American Mountain Time.
Day 22 - November 22 - Party time! You now have the option of unanoning in whatever manner you please. Our AO3 Collection is now unanon and will remain open.

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For the purposes of this fest, the prompts themselves are considered warnings. If you have issues with this policy, we recommend either not participating or using Dreamwidth blocker.
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Posting unanon will be deleted. This doesn't mean you aren't welcome here! If you'd like the content of your comment back, contact us at the MOD CALL post.

For Prompters and Readers

  1. Subject lines should include the series, characters and/or pairing you want. Feel free to be as descriptive as you'd like. Warnings aren't required, but they also aren't banned.
  2. You don't have to write or draw. It's anon, there's no IP-tracking, and we aren't going to stalk you.
  3. Do not comment on other people's prompts to try and change pairings or characters. Post your own version with the characters you want instead.
  4. If you fail to respond to a 'is this okay?' kind of question about any of your prompts by the 19th day, it'll be taken as an enthusiastic yes, no matter what the question is.
  5. There are no subject bans. You may prompt anything you want.
  6. If you don't want to answer any questions, say so. That will work as blanket permission for anything people might want to do with your prompt.

For Artists and Writers
  1. No claiming prompts, please, as multiple fills are welcome!
  2. Minimum wordcount per fill is 100 words.
  3. All content is allowed and all warnings are optional, but if you want to write or draw extreme kinks** for a prompt that doesn’t specifically request them, you have ask the prompter first.
  4. If the artist requests it, the mods will repost art fills as an embedded picture in a reply to their comment. NSFW art will be labelled as such in the subject line by re-posting mods. Art with underaged characters in porn situations will not be re-posted as an embed. Everything else is fair game.

** "extreme kinks" for the purposes of this exchange include but are not necessarily limited to: extreme underage, major character death, scat/watersports/emetophilia, extreme gore, and bestiality. Please use reasonable discretion, and ask a mod if you have any questions!

For Everyone

This is a Choose Not to Warn fest. At no point will any comment be deleted for failure to warn of its content in the subject lines. They will be deleted for rampaging dickery and failure to follow the rules.

Unanon comments will be deleted.
Attempts at policing other people's fun will be deleted.
Prompts posted after the end of the 7th day will be deleted.
Links to off-meme posts posted prior to end of the 21st day will be deleted.
Concerns are to be directed to the Admin post. If posted here, they will be deleted. Fills that have spectacularly failed to fulfill the prompt/been posted to the wrong spot will be screened. You can request a copy of your work at the Admin post.

The rules may change without warning in response to unforeseen circumstances, like us thinking of better ones.

FILL: Percy/Bill - Nothing Left to Say

Date: 2015-11-19 01:30 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I know that this has already been filled, but I wanted to write something anyway.


Percy rubbed his eyes tiredly. He was thrilled to be working with Mr. Crouch – it was an honor – but the amount of paperwork that he was required to complete was overwhelming. It was wearing him down, but he refused to give up. You didn’t get anywhere in life by being lazy.

He heard his bedroom door open, but he didn't need to look up to know who it was. Bill whispered a locking and silencing spell before walking up behind his chair. Percy felt arms wrap around him from behind as a head rested atop his own.

"How's the cauldron bottoms coming along, Perce?" Bill kissed Percy’s hair, and the younger Weasley scoffed in response.

"Horribly” he retorted sourly. He felt Bill smile into his hair. Hands began to massage his shoulders, and he sighed, leaning back and closing his eyes in content.

"I've missed you," Percy confessed quietly. The hands paused for a moment before resuming their relaxing ministrations.

"I've missed you too… More than you know." The last part was said with a hint of pain that had Percy looking up. Blue eyes so similar to his own looked back at him. Bill leaned down, capturing Percy's lips in a tender kiss. His big brother’s smile was sad when he pulled back, and it made Percy's chest ache.

The younger redhead stood up, walking around the chair to embrace the other in a hug, resting his head against Bill’s chest. They stood there in silence, holding each other and breathing in the other's scent. It was comforting and familiar, and Percy felt the tension slowly draining from his body.

"You're not moving to Egypt with me, are you?" Bill asked quietly. Percy swallowed, keeping his face pressed against Bill's chest so that he wouldn't have to look his big brother in the eyes.

That was always supposed to be the plan. Percy would move to Egypt for a few years to get international experience. It was a great thing to put on his resume, and it would even give him the chance to learn another language and add ‘bilingual’ to his list of qualifications.

Besides, no one would suspect anything strange about two brothers living together as roommates to save money. After a few years, they'd both move back here, and Percy would work for the Ministry while Bill worked at Gringotts. The job with Mr. Crouch was unexpected, but Percy couldn’t turn down such an amazing opportunity when it was presented to him.

"No," he answered just as quietly. He felt Bill nod as if he wasn't surprised, and that made Percy feel even guiltier. He wanted to say that he was sorry, but the words felt cheap and hollow.

Instead, he said "I love you.” Bill's grip around him tightened slightly.

"I love you too, Perce." They stood there in silence, because there was nothing left to say.

Re: FILL: Percy/Bill - Nothing Left to Say

Date: 2015-11-19 11:19 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Omg I just saw these!! I don't have time to read them right this second but cannot wait to be home from work :)

Re: FILL: Percy/Bill - Nothing Left to Say

Date: 2015-11-20 02:15 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
OP again (confession, I wrote the first fill myself so I'm not being an asshole by not commenting on it hahaa)

HELLO AUTHOR!ANON I LOVE THIS!!! It is exactly the kind of quiet, tender, bittersweet moment I could read over and over again. I love how you portray their dynamic, and how Percy softens when he's with Bill. Love love love, thank you!!

Re: FILL: Percy/Bill - Nothing Left to Say

Date: 2015-11-20 03:19 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Haha. I've written for my own prompt before, so don't feel bad ;)

I'm really glad that you liked it though! I love Percy/Bill & Percy/Charlie, so I couldn't resist your prompt. I always imagine Percy showing his gentler side with them :D


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