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The whalebone stays creaked ominously, unyielding and solid as steel over his ribs. His lungs fluttered inside the cage, frantic and weak as a coal canary, and Ciel could not breathe.

"I suppose that will do," Sebastian told him, the words ringing dimly in Ciel's ears. "You are young enough that this subtle curve is acceptable." His gloved hand settled on the damask silk over the artificial curve of Ciel's waist, warmth spreading through the fabric.

"I--" Ciel began, and had to quit for lack of air to continue. His hands clutched at the bed post, desperately trying to steady him against the sea of dizziness. "Sebast--" Frantic puffs of air escaped his lips, his concentration narrowing down to the feel of the laces being tied in a tidy bow at the base of the corset, Sebastian's hands as sure and steady as Ciel's lungs were not.

"And now to fit you into your skirts and petticoats," Sebastian said, quiet cheer in his voice. "Let me see..."

Ciel sank to his knees, head spinning, his heart pounding and tiny wheezing breaths coming from his open mouth. Spit dripped out over his lips, wet and humiliating on his chin. "Sss--eh--" He couldn't make sound. Couldn't order Sebastian to stop.

"Yes, my Lord? Does something trouble you?"

Ciel forced himself to look up, to meet his demon's eyes. "Stop."

Sebastian's mouth curved up at the corners, dropping to his knees in front of Ciel. His hands wrapped around Ciel's waist in an unbroken circle, fingertips and thumbs touching. "Stop what, my Master? You must cease fussing over these minor things. The ball will soon begin."

He would not die. Sebastian would not allow it. Ciel groaned, pain beginning to set in where the bone stays lay over his skin. There would be lines and bruises in the morning, Sebastian's marks left on his skin rather than soul, for once.

"I'll get the petticoats, my Master. It is inappropriate to leave you so half dressed." Sebastian's hands lingered for seconds too long, a quiet--threat?

Ciel gasped, his vision flooding with stars as Sebastian finally loosened the laces before he went to the wardrobe. Not a threat, but a promise, he decided, and he did not care. Sebastian was nothing but a tool.
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