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Day 8 Announcements

1. 21 Days of Valdemar is now closed for prompts and open for filling! Any prompts posted after 11:59 p.m. MDT on Aug. 15 will be deleted. You now have until 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 29 to post your fills. A couple of reminders: minifills are totally legit, poetry fills don’t have to hit the 100-word minimum, art fills are welcome for all prompts, and multiple fills per prompt are also welcome. Comments from prompters and spectators are encouraged :) See the Main Post or this spreadsheet to check out the prompts.

2. Our AO3 collection is now open and set to anonymous. You’re welcome to crosspost to the collection now while it’s anon or wait until Aug. 30, when the collection will be de-anoned. (The collection will stay open indefinitely, so you’ll be able to take as long as you like to polish your fill before reposting, if you want to work on it after the fest.)

3. The Reveals Party post will go up at midnight on Aug. 30! This is where you’ll be able to post logged-in and link to all your fills. You can also let people know what prompts you posted if you like, or just thank the authors and artists who filled them.

4. We’re only a week in, but the mods have been having a super fun time and are already kind of dreading the end of the fest. To avoid letting go, we’ve decided to repeat the 21 Days format with a new fandom next month. Based on the super objective selection criteria of “What are both mods super into right now,” we’re excited to announce that 21 Days of Thedas (The Maybe-Dead Hawke Memorial Party) will open for Dragon Age prompts on Sept. 6.

But that’s in the future; in the meantime, we have 71 creative, heartwarming, traumatic, and not-safe-for-life prompts to work on. Let’s enjoy the rest of the ride!